Domestic Services

With the price of fuel continuing to rise, it is more important than ever to make sure that your heating system is correctly set up. A serviced boiler is a safe and efficient boiler. TM Services will carry out the following boiler services on both Oil and Gas domestic boilers :

Domestic Oil Boilers Services

  • Inspect and clean combustion chamber
  • Check that the condensate trap is fitted securely, primed with water and piped out into a suitable drain (Condensing boilers)
  • Check that the nozzle is the right size for the type of boiler and for the system heat demand
  • Service the burner, Inspect and clean all components
  • Inspect all associated controls
  • Test all safety controls
  • Perform a flue gas analysis test, set appliance to its maximum efficiency
  • Give a full and detailed report on completion
  • Oil boiler repairs, efficiency testing, servicing, and heating power flushing.

Domestic Gas Boilers Services

  • Check the condition of and location of the appliance.
  • Inspect fuel integrity, suitability, condition, size, route, functionality, terminal, cowl, guard and installation standard
  • Check ventilation as per manufacturer's instructions or as outlined in IS:813 currant edition ensuring correct location, size, and type
  • Conduct electrical safety tests including fuse rating, isolation switch, polarity, earth continuity, resistance to earth, short circuit test, supply voltage
  • Check accessibility, functionality and condition of isolating valves
  • Inspect / clean fan unit and evaluate performance and functionality
  • Inspect / clean heat ex-changer as per manufacturer's instructions
  • Inspect / clean / adjust main and pilot burners and injectors
  • Check / clean / adjust ignition and ionization electrodes
  • Check flame picture
  • Check temperature control
  • Check operation of boiler safety devices
  • Check appliance gas rating
  • Conduct burner pressure tests
  • Inspect and clean condensate trap (A-rated boilers)
  • Sample flue gas analysis to ensure efficient and safe operation of the appliance
  • Conduct appliance gas safety tests
  • Adjustment time and temperature controls as required
  • Complete RGII appliance conformance certificate and leave copy with the Customer

Safety is extremely important to T.M.Services We recommend that all oil and gas appliances are safety checked and serviced annually.


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